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Richly Adorned: Part 3/7
Haruka Nanami, UtaPri
Title: Richly Adorned
Author: snarry_splitpea
Beta: amina_yui
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Summary: A celebratory romp through society parties and lingerie shops.
Quite literally a "model citizen" Harry Potter has to hide everything about himself from his girlfriend, his best friends, and the world. When he finds out he and Severus Snape have much in common, their relationship only becomes another one of his secrets. Will the proud Potions Master tolerate being a skeleton next to the knickers in Harry's closet?
Warning: DH spoilers, Crossdressing, and Harry/Ginny
Part: 3/7 ((Click here for Part One, Part Two, Part Three, or Part Four))
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters and am earning no money for this work.
Dedicated to a few folks at snarryficfind</lj>

When their meal was over, there was no question about where they would go. The two men hailed a taxi outside of the restaurant and enjoyed the ride back to Snape's building. As Severus suspected, Harry spent the entire trip staring out the window at passing cars, buildings, and people.

Upon arrival, Severus paid with a credit card, using the machine on the back of the driver's seat. Harry watched with interest. He usually paid for everything with cash. He'd never acquired any muggle credit or debit cards and at Gringotts he usually asked for muggle money, anyway. After the war, though still impossible to use wizard money at muggle establishments, most wizard businesses took all kinds of currency.

"Why don't we ever take the elevator?" Harry asked after he and Severus entered the building and started up three flights of stairs.

"Do you want to take the elevator?" Severus asked, pausing on a stair.

"Um... not particularly. I just want to know why you chose the stairs. Is it broken?"

"Hmmmm..." Severus looked thoughtful for a moment and began climbing, again.

"Are you not going to answer me?" Harry asked, baffled as he followed.

"It's not an easy answer and may not make a lot of sense." Severus admitted. They were on the second floor and turning to climb to the third.

"Fear of heights? Fear of enclosed spaces? Fear of muggle technology?"

"Why do you imagine I make so many of my decisions based on fear?" Severus asked. He'd paused again and was looking at Harry with a speculative eye.

"I... uh... I don't... I didn't think... I don't. I mean, it's not just you. Most people do, I think."

"That can be argued." Severus responded. He resumed his stride before continuing, "Perhaps, I choose the stairs out of love."

Harry made a face behind Snape's back that said he did think the man was bonkers.

"Someone designed this stairwell." Severus explained. "Someone decided to leave the concrete beneath our feet bare. Someone decided to cover the bricks in the wall with that slate-blue paint. Someone decided on fluorescent over incandescent lighting. Someone decided that the rails would be held up by a metal pole in every fourth stair. Someone decided where the doors would go and that they would be brown. Someone decided to leave them propped open at all times. Though most decisions were more for function than appearance and many of these are common solutions: someone designed this stairwell. In that sense, I can appreciate it. Perhaps even love it. This. The work of a fellow artist."

"Fellow!?" Harry squeaked. By the time Severus finished his lecture they were standing at his apartment door. Harry watched the man use his keys and followed him inside.

"Those." Severus said casually as he gestured toward the photographs on the wall opposite the door. The same, three images that had entranced Harry on his first visit. Severus hung their coats and checked the locks on the door. After murmuring what Harry realized were a few security charms, Severus wrapped his arms around Harry's body. Pressed firmly against Harry's backside, the younger man could feel the rigid corset and hardened cock, reminding him why he was in Severus’s home. The idea thrilled and terrified him.

Severus sensed the terror over the thrill.

"What's wrong, Harry?" he asked, his breath on Harry's scalp as he nosed through Harry's hair. It felt as great as Harry had imagined. "I don't have hidden cameras anywhere and would only capture you with your prior consent."

"No, it's not that. I actually..." even with Severus at his back, Harry was mesmerized by the moving photos. "I actually think they're amazing. I really like them."

"So, the sudden intake of breath? The tensing of the shoulders? The straightening of the spine?" Severus inquired. Harry could hear in his tone that his left eyebrow was perked. "We can spend the night in another chaste embrace if that is more to your liking."

Though Severus could have made an insult of it, Harry realized he was being sincere.

"No! I want this. I want it very much." Harry responded, he'd peeled one of Snape's arms off of him to pull the man's hand down to his crotch. "Fe...feel... that?"

"Oh, do I ever." Severus growled in his ear. The warmth and wetness of Snape's breath made Harry twitch and Snape gave the pulsing organ a strong squeeze. Harry's knees threatened to buckle but Severus held on with the arm that was still around him. "However, I can't ignore your obvious apprehension. Just dawned on you that I'm a former teacher that's over twice your age?"

"Uh..." Somehow, that thought only turned Harry on, more. As did Severus’s groping hand.

"Suddenly kicked in that I'm a sadistic bastard and I could do absolutely anything to you at this point?"

"Oh..." Harry really did want Severus to do absolutely anything to him. The hard cock pressed against his backside told him that Severus agreed.

"Or maybe..."

"I've never done this before!" Harry responded. His hips were pressing him rhythmically against Snape's hand and cock. The hand stilled at his confession.

"You mean with a man?"

"I mean... at all. Ever."

"A... virgin...." Severus chewed the word slowly as if it were the best thing to ever pass his lips. Much slower and less roughly, Severus’s hand resumed its fondling of Harry's erection.

"Oh god, Snape... Snape... I'm gonna come if you don't stop."

"That is my intention."

"But... ah... Please... oh...” Harry squirmed and gasped as the low burn of pleasure in his belly turned into uncontrollable waves throughout his entire body.

Severus laughed in his ear. The tone was slightly cruel and though Harry recognized he should have been offended by this, it only served to turn him on more. He felt like a helpless plaything. As Snape’s large palm stroked him swiftly through his trousers. He’d already leaked enough precum to soak through panties and pants. The sloshing noise of Snape’s jerking fingers was music to his ears.

“Gods and MERLIN! I still have my... ah... I .... oh.... my pants...." Harry never quite finished his protests before his knickers were soiled. Severus didn't immediately remove his hand and Harry shuddered against his body as he continued to grip and massage him, lightly this time, through wet trousers.

Severus was kind enough to cast a cleaning spell before he and Harry crossed the living room. His steps were wobbly and unsure, but Severus held him up, supporting his pleasure-shaken limbs. In the bedroom, they were suddenly nude and Harry felt, for the first time, a naked cock against the small of his back. He pushed against the throbbing organ and smiled as Severus groaned behind him.

"I will be gentle with you, but you must..."

"I don't want you to be gentle."

Severus paused. Harry imagined both of his brows were perked in shock. He grinned to himself.
Despite his expectation that Severus would concede by throwing him on the bed, biting his skin into a tapestry of marks, and fucking him senseless, the man simply kissed his right shoulder with closed lips.

"Did you hear me?" Harry whined, trying to pull himself out of Snape's arms. The older man's muscles flexed as he held Harry tighter.

"I heard you, but when have you ever known me to go along with your foolhardy whims?" Severus asked in a groan as he led Harry to his bedroom.

As they entered the room, the window's sheer drapes turned opaque and the electric lighting mellowed to something akin to flickering candlelight. Severus’s bed ghosted closer to the floor and the headboard sprouted a padded, green surface. The bottle of Dreamless Sleep blipped out of existence to be replaced by a vivid arrangement of flasks and vials that floated in from the bathroom door on their right.

Severus held Harry at the threshold, waiting for the enormity of what they were about to do to sink in. Or at least that's what Harry assumed he was doing. Severus, even naked and opening his home to Harry, was a complete mystery. Harry itched for a snide remark or annoyed sigh just to remind him whose arms were wrapped around him.

"Walk to the bed. Let me see you."

Harry felt the pressure around his body lessen as Snape slowly allowed him to slide out of his grip. After another soft kiss on his shoulder that should have been mood boosting, Harry self-consciously approached the covered windows. There was more space on that side of the bed and Harry took a slow turn like he'd done in his boudoir. His cock, hard and darkening, twitched as he imagined Snape fucking him the way he did in his dreams.

Severus groaned appreciatively. The sound was a purr and Harry found he couldn't lift his eyes from the floor. He knew he wouldn't see rejection in Snape's eyes. He had no idea what he was afraid of.

"Though your posture leaves much to be desired, I agree that your skin and svelte figure are incomparable." Severus made his assessment as he approached the side table that was laden with bottles. "To the bed, Potter."

Harry sighed with relief. Despite his frequent requests that Snape call him Harry and his giddiness at the romantic dinner, he wanted some of the old boundaries reestablished before they crossed more lines in the proverbial sand. He could be "Potter" in bed and wondered what kind of man that made him. He wondered what that said about their relationship.

"Drink this." Severus instructed as he passed Harry a potion he'd quickly mixed from his collection of tinctures.

He watched as Harry sat on the edge of the bed and swallowed it down. Subtly, Severus splayed a hand on his own thigh and withdrew a single digit at every passing second. When he was down to two fingers Harry finally got a bit curious.

"Hey, what does that potion d..." Harry's stomach growled at him.

"I'll make drinks while you make use of the lavatory." Severus said with a wicked grin. The man left the bedroom and Harry dashed into his bathroom, grumbling about how much he hated him.

When Harry emerged from the restroom, Severus was sitting on the bed with his long legs stretched out and his back against the headboard. His level of comfort while nude and erect was baffling. Harry wondered if he’d ever know what confidence felt like.

Snape was holding a short glass in his hand and his face seemed to be fixed in the perked-brow smirk Harry hadn't seen in hours and had dearly missed.

"How do you feel?" Snape asked as Harry walked around the bed and sat down.


Severus chuckled and took another sip of his drink.

"The boy that wanted to be ravished at the front door suddenly shows some modesty. Trust me; the magical route is much prettier and more convenient than any alternatives."

Harry still took greedy gulps of the amber liquid Snape passed him and was pleased at the low burn that started in his belly. Even if what turned out to be scotch had been another nasty potion, Harry would have endured. He knew everything Snape did was for his own good and enjoyed being able to trust someone that much.

"So... what do we do?" Harry asked, feeling awkward after they'd both put their glasses down. He wasn't entirely hard anymore and was glad Snape had given him some time to relax.

"That is completely up to you." Severus responded. His arm slid around Harry's shoulders and he pulled the younger man closer. Giddy at being touched, Harry slid up against his former teacher and laid his head on the man's chest. Playfully, he tangled his fingers through the hair on Snape's belly and giggled as the muscles beneath twitched.

"You're ticklish?"


"You know, that's more surprising than you wearing corsets."

"I'm full of surprises."

"Yeah, you're full of a lot of things."


"You love it."


Something in their banter emboldened Snape to action and he was suddenly on top of Harry, pressing him into the mattress with strong arms and an array of kisses and bites. As his mouth made its first trip down the length of Harry's body, the younger man found out that people actually did tongue navels. They also nibbled inner-thighs and laved knees as if starving.

More than the deliberate touches, Harry loved the way Snape's nose pressed against him when he was kissed and dragged along his skin when he was licked. He loved the hungry slurps of Snape's mouth as he devoured his flesh. He loved the involuntary grunts and groans that slipped out of Snape like monosyllabic confessions with a longer meaning. I want you. I need you. I'll have you.

When Severus finally turned his attention to Harry's cock, it was purple and aching. Harry felt so wound up, so sensitive, that he had to bite his bottom lip to keep from begging Snape to leave it alone and let him die from the pleasure. Ever the tease, Severus didn't immediately make contact with the throbbing organ. He held his mouth just an inch or two above it, his warm, wet breath making Harry twitch and leak. He chuckled sadistically when Harry cried out with want. He was pinning the younger man's hips hard enough to bruise and his arms were tensing with the effort of fighting Harry's thrusts.

"Will I be the first to tongue that tantalizing pearl of moisture from your slit? The first to lap up the glistening trail sliding down the length of you?" Severus asked; his breath still so close. A sweet and agonizing cloud of humidity.

"You're the first to touch me at all. The first to see me like this." Harry breathed out, his voice surprisingly steady considering he could barely stop himself from moaning and whining.

"I'm glad." Severus admitted. He was not romantic enough or religious enough to believe that virginity was some precious gift to be given only to one's true love. However, he liked the idea that he had another opportunity to teach Harry. He wanted to show the boy everything he knew and gaze into those awestruck eyes again and again.

Deft and strong, Snape's tongue did exactly as he'd promised and Harry felt tears leak from the corners of his eyes. He'd never been so aroused. He'd never felt anything so good. So simple, yet so good.

"I don't want to tie your hands, tonight." Severus said as he let go of Harry's hips and sat up. A bottle leapt from his the bedside table into his hand and he continued speaking.

"I want your first time to be without toys and accessories. However, if I see that you can't keep your hands away from that gorgeous cock, I'll be forced to restrain you."

He'd been dousing his fingers with shimmering oil while speaking. Harry gripped the sheets to keep from touching himself.

His knuckles ached from the strain. Just as he was starting to get annoyed with the discomfort, Severus kneeled between his legs and pressed a kiss just underneath his bollocks. Then he tongued that shockingly sensitive spot and licked down until he was wetting Harry's entrance with an eager mouth.

Harry squirmed and knew his lip-biting had drawn blood. It was so hard to keep his hands at his sides, but he refused to make the night anything less than perfect for Severus. He thought no greater pleasure could ever reach him until Snape pushed his tongue inside and fucked it slowly in and out. Harry screamed out in anguished joy. He was vibrating with need and the moist, undulating sensation in his ass gave him a strong sense of "so close, yet so far." It was enough to make him dizzy with lust, but not quite enough to bring him off.

Severus finally withdrew and Harry thought he'd have a chance to calm down, even just a bit. However, the man immediately breached him with a well-lubed finger. He didn't push in very far, allowing Harry a moment to adjust to the shallow squirm of his right index finger, only up to the first knuckle. To Harry, it felt like a huge rod. He wondered how he would ever accommodate Snape's cock if one finger made him feel so full.

Severus murmured praises to him and kissed his leg as he pushed the finger completely in. He stilled and whispered for Harry to relax. He told him not to squeeze. Three, light touches on his inner thigh. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Relax.

Minutes passed and Harry found that he could adjust to the slow in and out of one finger. He still randomly tensed at the thought of taking in Snape's cock, but the whispers and kisses always calmed him down.

"Ah that's cold!" Harry squeaked and jumped, banging his head on the padded headboard when Snape removed his finger and squirted something wet into his ass.

"It is not cold. It is room temperature which, of course, is far cooler than your internal body temperature." Snape explained has he grabbed Harry’s hips and yanked him roughly down the bed. He set about the task of rearranging the boy in the same position. Satisfied with the angle of Harry’s legs he grumbled that he hoped his head was okay.

The liquid squelched around Snape's hand as he inserted two fingers. He pushed them completely in and pulled them completely out, several times. Harry was surprised that two didn't hurt nearly as much as one, but realized the liquid must have been something used for numbing pain. He still felt the incredible sensation of being filled, but without the sharp sting of untouched flesh suddenly being rubbed and prodded.

"This is why I didn't want you to touch yourself." Severus said after Harry started moaning. Harry didn't understand at first, but then Snape turned his hand and curled his fingers. He pressed against something inside Harry that made his cock twitch and gush strongly. Still not an orgasm, just an unending flow of lubrication. Severus’s pace increased and he was relentless. Even when Harry begged him to go slower, he continued to milk steady pulses by pressing that glorious spot inside.

Harry knew that the eternity he'd just experienced had been only a minute and he knew not to be glad when Snape withdrew his fingers. Just as he'd suspected, Severus pushed more liquid into him with some unseen apparatus and grabbed his hips. The hand that had teased him so thoroughly was clean and dry. Harry wondered how awkward sex was without magic.

"Are you sure?"

Harry looked up at the man hovering over him, feeling the head of Snape's cock bump against his hole.

"Oh, yes." he responded, touched that the man had done all that and still asked permission to proceed.

One hand left Harry's hip long enough to guide the head of Snape's cock into him. Though there was no sting, the feeling of being stretched and filled was unbearable. If not for the shuddering cry and the look of ecstasy on Snape's face as he slowly slid forward, Harry might have asked him to wait until later. He wanted this. He wanted to drive someone mad with pleasure.

Experimentally, he clenched the tight ring Severus had pushed past and the man slammed forward as if he had no control over his own hips. Harry grunted from the sudden intrusion but held his ground. Severus waited before moving, again. Much to Harry's relief, he didn't apologize, though he did stare at Harry's face in a searching way. Always the protector.

Slowly and with a vein throbbing on his temple from the strain of holding back, Severus eased out of and back into Harry. He took shallow strokes and tried to concentrate on Harry's face instead of his own pleasure.

Harry Potter was as readable as an open book in one's native tongue. Snape knew he wasn't enjoying it, anymore. Not yet.

"Don't bear down on your arms so hard. Put your calves on my shoulders. I've got you." Severus instructed, his biceps tightening as Harry followed his instructions.

There. That was the right angle for both of them. Harry wailed as Snape pushed forward. It was completely in, again, but this time it rubbed against his prostate. He knew what it was. He'd heard of it. He'd looked forward to someday knowing what it felt like. He'd not imagined it would be so wonderful.

"Ah... Snape, Snape." Harry cringed, his body tensing.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, it's just... it's too much. I can't..."

And with that, Harry was spilling himself. As if granted some silent permission, Severus’s release wasn't far behind. Though his body went limp, he caught himself to keep from toppling on top of Harry. He pulled out and immediately waved a cleaning spell over the two of them and the bed. By the time his head touched his pillow, they were spotless.

Silence stretched out between them, but even in the midst of such calming exhaustion, they couldn't just fall asleep. Of course, Harry decided to mar Snape's good mood with talking.

"That wasn't as long as I thought it would be."

Snape opened his eyes and turned to glare.

"I meant time wise! You're plenty long!"

The glare narrowed into a dagger.

"I mean... I didn't last as long as I thought I would. Well... you didn't either, I guess."

The glare stabbed him.

"Ack! I'm sorry! What I mean is I just... this was like... I don't know... was it even a half hour?" Harry was sitting up and gesturing enthusiastically. If either of them had entertained the idea of falling into a natural sleep, they weren't anymore.

"Potter, stamina and endurance are learned attributes. This was your first time and I teased you to the point of breaking. Most other lovers would have kicked my face in at some point. I, on the other hand, am not new to this, but I've not had a lover in many years. We'll eventually learn when to pause and how to be less greedy."

"I thought about kicking your face in, you know."

Severus rolled his eyes and poured their doses of Dreamless Sleep.

"Do learn to shut-up after coitus."

"Ewwww, what's coitus?"

The dagger-sharp glare focused itself on the ceiling as the teacher ignored his student.

The following morning, Harry felt that all of the previous night's passionate touches had turned to bruises. His hipbones ached from the pressure of Snape's hands and his legs hurt from being bent in ways he'd never previously imagined. Most of all, he was quite sure he wouldn't be able to sit for most of the day. Each muscle in his body gave a sharp reminder as he stretched and groaned. As one arm shot out across Severus’s side of the bed, Harry felt that tiny tremor of fear stab him in the gut. Again, he had to tamp it down by reminding himself that a man couldn't abandon someone in their own apartment.

He slowly turned himself onto his back, almost instantly regretting it when his ass reminded him that he was no longer Harry Virgin Potter.

"Pain potion on the side table." came Severus’s voice from the foot of the bed.

Harry blinked at him, realizing he hadn't yet opened his eyes, so engulfed in his own discomfort. As he opened his mouth to complain that Severus hadn't warned him about spraining every muscle in his body for a few minutes of pleasure, he realized he had something else entirely to feel upset about.

"You're already in your corset!" Harry whined.

Severus rolled his eyes. Pulling his wand out of the robes that were still hanging on one of the wardrobe doors, he levitated the aforementioned potion toward Harry's mouth.


Harry did as instructed and had the uncomfortable yet relieving sensation of his muscles turning to icy mush before slowly starting to warm and reconfigure.

"Sweet Merlin!" he yelped, "Did that look as bad as it felt?!"

"Thankfully, no." Severus replied as he turned his back on Harry to replace his wand and pull his teacher robes from their hanger.

Harry still pouted because he'd missed his chance to watch Severus get dressed. He wanted to watch the older man's legs flex as he rolled up his stockings and his muscles strain as he tightened his corset. He wanted to feel like a voyeur seeing the parts of Snape's life that nobody else knew about.

Pain doused and body invigorated, Harry wasn't surprised that although he'd missed the show, he was still reacting to the results. Snape's backside was a constant feature in his fantasies and he loved the way the corset seemed to frame his narrow shoulders from below. It was a pedestal displaying shoulder blades and creating the illusion that they were broad by pinching his waist into something inhumanly small.

Below that, Snape's perfectly pert bottom was cut in nearly-crescent halves by the curved line of ruffled lace. Snape. Ruffles. Harry would have found it amusing had he heard mention of the phenomenon. However, he was seeing it for himself and knew that the V-shape of Snape's panties coming around from his sides and disappearing between the tops of his thighs was the sort of thing men started wars to win or protect. Not obscured by full stockings, Harry thanked God and Merlin for the thigh-high stockings and garter belt that allowed him a moment to fixate on the half-exposure of Snape's buttocks. He twitched and yearned. He realized he was biting the knuckles on his right hand.

Harry's eyes ventured lower, surely ready to make a fetish of the back of the man's knees. Severus flung the robes around himself, shocking Harry with the sudden intrusion of black in his field of vision. From the back, Harry saw the robes droop into place and hang from his forearms and waist. He expected the spell from his previous visit that lashed his buttons through their holes in simultaneous fury.

What he got was Severus Snape spinning on his heel to pin him to the bed with a look. Another of his many looks that told Harry to pay attention. Harry gulped. Surely a man couldn't make the robes Harry had seen almost every day since the age of eleven into something worth seeing.

He flicked his left hand up toward his face, turning the inside of his wrist where Harry could see it. Again, the Dark Mark made Harry want to turn away but he was quickly distracted by Snape's long, right fingers curling around the button tucked into his bent elbow. So close to where the seam gathered, he had no problem sliding it through the hole it sat across from. Not so slowly that Harry grew bored, but ages slower than the spell would have done it, Severus worked his way up to his wrist, his eyes lazily fixated on his deft fingers instead of on Harry's grudging writhing.

He finished the right sleeve in much the same fashion, but Harry was no less fascinated.

Then, his hands went to his throat and Harry managed to whisper out an observation.

"No shirt or slacks."

"None. I am a wizard, after all."

"But you're wearing women's underwear!"

"If there were any situation where another was exposed to my trousers, surely the stockings underneath aren't far away."

"But what if..."

"A bully flips me upside-down and shakes me front of the entire school?"

Harry did flinch away, filled with the same sensation seeing the Dark Mark had caused.

"Don't be an idiot. Not a soul would dare. Any that did would be quickly stripped of all their garments and tossed to the squid for a play toy."

"You're scary when you're vengeful." Harry allowed his eyes to float back over to Severus. He wasn't the one Severus had reason to be angry with. He hoped he never would be.

"Thankfully, I haven't been vengeful in a couple of years." There was another sound coming out of Severus. Almost like purring. A hum. He let his eyes flick away from Harry as the hum lazily cut itself into words, "I suppose I have you to thank for that."

Harry's body warmed at the admission, though he only half agreed. He crawled to the foot of the bed. Severus, sensing Harry's mood, stepped close enough to be kissed. Harry wasn't as short while he was on his knees in the floating bed and he found that he liked Severus not needing to lean over to be kissed. He got to rest his hands on unbent shoulders atop a straight spine. It was interesting to feel Snape's rigid posture melting under his attention instead of being prefolded for the sake of matching heights.

Losing time due to the nude boy wrapped around him, Snape did use a spell to finish buttoning his robes. Harry gave a pout, but seemed to understand why he didn't have the pleasure of watching Snape's fingers dance down his torso in the masturbatory act of dressing.

In the three weeks that followed the two men developed a pattern. Snape left for work. Harry left simply because he couldn't lounge around Snape's apartment all day. They met the moment Snape returned home and went to bed. Sometimes there was some pretense of watching a movie or having dinner, but they never made it further than their "welcome home" kiss on most nights.

Even when they were both completely dressed and Snape's hand was full of floo-powder, Harry couldn't manage to keep his hands off. Severus seemed to allow kissing, but always moved his hips away when Harry tried to press against him. He needed to get to work after all.

One morning, wondering how well Snape could resist him, Harry slid their lips apart and buried his mouth beneath the collar of the teacher's robes, biting and licking at his neck. Hard enough to mark. Hard enough to make it irresistible.

Obviously annoyed by Harry's teasing, Severus pushed until there was space between them, wand steadied as if in a duel. Before Harry even remembered that his wand was discarded somewhere in the bedroom, Snape had spelled him naked and flung his nude body onto the couch in a disheveled heap.

Severus swooped down on Harry in a flurry of cloak and robes. His hands dug into the cushions on either side of Harry's body and he planted kisses along Harry's jaw, neck, and chest. Beneath him, the younger man squirmed and moaned. He cried out as his nipples were bitten and teeth were scraped down his abdomen. Harry was fighting against the pleasure to keep his eyes open. He wanted to see his professor, dressed as his professor, nipping down his body like a shameless pederast. When Severus finally stood, they were both achingly hard. Harry could even see the lump in the front of his perfectly tailored robes, tugging against the taut fabric and the line of shining buttons.

"Fuck. Fuck. How the fuck am I supposed to survive the day?" Harry asked Snape as he lie panting and even dripping from the previous moment's activities.

"Such a dirty mouth, Potter. If only I could keep you in my office all day."

"To fuck between classes?"

"Perhaps... I'd mostly like to spell a ring around the base of your cock. I'd watch you squirm and hear you beg between classes."

"Sick fuck."

"You enjoy this."


Severus’s eyes flashed at Harry’s impertinence and he pointed his wand at Harry's prone form. Chest heaving from the sudden work out, Harry tensed but didn't summon his wand. He was curious about his professor's next move. He even smirked at the idea that he was thinking of Snape as a teacher in that moment.

Brow perking at the smirk, Severus summoned Harry's undergarments from the previous night. He was almost glad of having spelled the two of them naked before bed. After all, for some horrible reason the boy had chosen to adorn himself in an atrocious, red and gold ensemble.

"I'm not a fan of ribbons." the professor explained as the gold, silk bows on the floating garments untied themselves as if tugged by an unseen hand.

Having entirely expected the ribbons to fly into the rubbish bin or burst into flames, Harry was more than a little surprised when the gold bled out of them, changing them to a lusterless grey, before they shot toward his crotch. Harry yelped and scrambled backwards on the couch, bumping his head on the arm before rolling off onto the floor.

Despite his best efforts, the ribbons wrapped around the base of his cock and the pressure was immediate and unbearable. Then, he felt scratchiness over his nipples. Severus Snape had decided to transfigure the entire ensemble into a lacey, green shift.

"I want my bra and knickers back when you're done." Harry threatened. "And I want them to be red and gold... with ribbons. Like they were."

Severus, still standing next to the couch, only looked down at him with a perked brow. Harry, lying with his legs flung wide and his glasses crooked on his face, knew that his threats were amusing their target instead of intimidating it.

"You're going to be late for work, Severus." Harry said as he picked himself up from the polished floor. He wanted to sound firm and convincing, but his tone, as well as the erection jutting from the top of the green thong, betrayed his lust.

Severus pursed his lips and flicked his wand, again. Harry had never been face down in a couch cushion with his hands tied behind his back, legs spread, and ass in the air. He smiled into the cushion before turning his head so he could breathe. Apparently, there really was a first time for everything.

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Can't wait to read more!

Thank you!
You icon made me giggle <3

Okay, I have to say this. I love this story beyond all reason. Your descriptions and characterization are to die for. The corsets made me inexplicably happy and Harry in panties brought a smile to my face. I can't wait for more, but in the mean time I think I shall read through the rest of your stuff because I'm sure it's just as brilliant as this.

Allow me to apologize in advance!

Allow me to apologize in advance for anything else I've written.
Years have passed between this story and previous works. I've read a lot more, experienced a lot more, and have acquired the world's greatest beta-reader!

So, while I won't say my old stuff is crap, I definitely don't think it will live up to the standards this story may have set. I should be posting the end of this story VERY SOON, so I'll let you know when I do :)

Most of all, THANK YOU FOR READING and for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed it and want to make sure the rest of it is just as enjoyable <3

qakljhdlajierjalkdkljivjlsdks ZOMG SO GREAT!

Can't wait for the rest of it! Brilliant work!!

raghsdklgasilghafsg I'M GLAD YOU COMMENTED!
It seriously makes it so much easier to write when I know people are reading.
Thank you so much!

I'm usually a total lurker, but I just had to tell you how much I'm enjoying this story! I read part one when you first posted it and I was so excited when I saw you wrote more.

Keep up the great work! I can't wait to read the rest :D

Ahhhhh! Yah! I'm glad you decided to come & comment. I'm not new to Snarry, but this is my first fic of this length and it makes it a lot more fun to do all the work when I know there are people looking forward to the rest.

Thank you, so much! <3

Ooooooh, that very, very lovely ^^
I love the way Severus directs the relationship without Harry being a total wuss.
And the descriptions with the undergarments are *.*

Well, hopefully, Severus did take at least several minutes to finish what was started, before he went to work - whether or not we get to see it!

Hot as blisters! And male corsetry is a very special kink of mine, so you have my absolutely undivided attention. Severus Snape in a corset--be still my heart!

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